Fill out the form details below to generate website code that you can give to your site administrator. The embed code can be used on any website to display Nursing Job listings from your site. The code will generate a feed of Nursing Jobs based on the criteria that you set. You may come back at any time to adjust your settings and generate new code.



Using the Embed Code Generator

The embed code generation form contains several options for the Nursing Jobs widget it generates:

  • Keyword which searches for jobs that match the keywords provided.
  • Location which searches for jobs within a certain location.
  • Display Count which controls how many jobs get displayed.
  • Show Pagination which shows a next/previous link in the widget to show more results.
  • Job Type which limit the jobs that get displayed.

Once you’ve chosen your desired options for the widget, click ‘Get Widget Embed Code‘. This will reveal 2 sections; a preview of your widget, and the code you can paste on a website to display the jobs. Copy this code and send it to your Website administrator for inclusion in an appropriate page on your site.