Create email alerts based on searches

Using the job filters to search for jobs? If you are logged in,  you can save your search as an alert using the ‘add alert’ button.

Daily, weekly, fortnightly & Monthly email alerts

Email alerts can be configured to be sent with several different intervals. Alerts are sent in plain text format and list all matching Nursing Jobs posted during the interval.

Job Alerts

Sign in or create an account to manage your alerts.

When signed on, this page will at first show a blank table as no alerts are configured. Click ‘add alert’ to begin. This will show the add alert form. When you’ve setup your alert click ‘save’. It will then be activated and displayed in the table.

Hovering over an alert will give you the option to:

  • Delete the alert
  • Disable or enable the alert
  • Preview the alert (view matching results) and
  • Edit the alert
  • Send Now